The leaves fell as did I
Now I missed you eternally at the dawn of autumn’s first dusk
As I missed the metro north up to your home
Formally ours never mine
Stardust permeated your existence on my dashboard
How our lives history fit in the glove compartment from 2006

Inate carnal desires consumed me whole
The rush of multitudes brought me to our finish line
How I’d sell the world to get you back
All I said but never did, all I did but never said
Pawned all my jewels to pay the bills

Our endless nights spent on the floor of my walkup
How I never slept but stood awake to know that you did
Rejection turned resentment as winter came
Isolation built from my own devices, the personal hell I built for myself

Infernal Eternal
My heart ached missing when we drove to the cottage in Oyster Bay
The route towards Syosset after 40 E
When the roof of the Sebring got caught in the wind
My hat flew off
Another addition to the Lineage of causalities of our love affair

Caught in the crossfires after you told me “no one loved me like you did”
How it was the third time I heard that
The first time I knew it to be true
The last time I would ever take those words for granted
Told you funny jokes till you laughed and you forgot why you hated me
In your very last breaths would you ever forget why you did?
Would you ever remember why I did or come solely to read it in the Sunday paper with eyes wide shut?

Curiosity couldn’t let sleeping dogs lie
An unanswered question told everything of our newfound world
Got you to nirvana after all those months
Could the ego of the Gods ever recover
Your personal Jesus with an electric Savior Complex to batter and crucify
Awaiting trial eternally from the MorningStar

Funny when you’re high
Loving when you’re drunk
The best at your worst
Met me by the rectories atrium at 6:00 PM
Absolution of our sins

Patron saint of the former derelict alcoholics
Seventeen year old swan songs
Your last minute plea call from the dormitory down South
How it broke night as the landline rang twice

Perpetual existence in the life once lived in the town house outside of Worcester
Indiscretionary talks on the fire escape
Jesus of the new age
Modern Day Messiah
Martyr for your sins
Would you ever falter from your post at the mortuary stand?
Could you ever?
Do you ever?
The fraudulent spinster retired from a life of perpetual lies
Nonchalant concerns over whom he burned
Futile attempts at sympathy in vain on judgment day
God forgive, —

Beauty eternally graced the face of the reincarnate messiah 
Walking down the boulevard near the Pavillion where you last left
The lashings of perpetuity lingered on my lips;
a taste of insolence

Was it you who resided still past Bellmore off of Sunrise
Etchings on your bedpost materialized eternally
Waited for the bombs to drop, you held your breath
Shipped you back to your parents cul-de-sac half the man

Did you ever find your way back home?
Silent march from the car to the esplanade 
As the soldiers of war congregated
Pale faced excuses from the masqueraded savior

Spent our last coins betting cards from the parlor outside of San Luis Obispo
Tree on the car roof, did we get any younger?
Did the kids get any older?
Muddled grasp on the cross, did Jesus come any closer?

Playing “what would you do?” to pass the time
Mystery evaded all the homegrown poets of latter years
Walked into the marsh, cement tied to our ankles
Lullabies from our fourth eulogy

Liner footnotes on the human condition
     -   the once exemplary great American poets
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